Eric Kaiser, artiste peintre


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Série : Traces
Solo-show at the Socles et Cimaises Gallery in Nancy (F) in 2013

Série : Witkacy un point de départ...2017
I have presented different types of portraits. The block of four (with your painting) shows how the portrait can introduce elements that question the genre. I distract the viewer with some unusual and disturbing features. The second block is an old series that I painted on art collectors. Are represented Charles Saatchi (who collects the Chapman brothers) Bernard Arnault (who collects Murakami) and François Pinault (who collects Jeff Koons), I just introduced details of each artist's work on the portraits. In this group is also presented a selfportrait (it was painted last year and I just represented what was happening to me in a dream , I do not think you can see it but there are bugs coming out of my ear).To be honest I just added my portrait because it kind of complemented visually the 3 others. The top portrait with the green tongue is a reference to the french expression "avoir la langue verte" which means talking crudely. And the last portrait on the right hand side is a bit of a joke since you cannot see the face of the person in the portrait. It was my tribute to the painter and a demonstration on how portraits can step aside from the expected

Série : Studio Work 2016
Studio works done in Nancy and Dresden in summer 2016

Série : Shelters

Série : Winter Games / Diverse Me
The artistic production presented in this catalog is the outcome of a three months’ residency realized during winter 2014 in Leipzig (Germany) and hosted by the Halle 14 in the Spinnerei. The residency received the support of the Conseil Général de Meurthe-et-Moselle, the City of Nancy and the bank CIC-Est. The work illustrates how a place, a history or ego-history and current events can interact in the creativ process and materialize on canvas or paper.

Série : Memories
After the sociopolitical concerns expressed in the previous series (shelters, “ we know but…”), the recent work plays in an dreamlike manner on the overwhelming usage of images in our societies and a tribute to the artist’s Swiss years. The disturbing strangeness of the combined elements is, depending on the viewer’s own perception, either reinforced or counterbalanced by the figurative construction and the color selection. Dreams, remembrances and citations start a dialogue open to multiple interpretations.

Série : Portrait
Would you like to get your own portrait or of a loved one? Do not hesitate to contact the artist...

Série : Prisoner of light
(Show at the Pi Gallery of Kansas City (USA) in August 2005)
Once again the male nude is the central theme of this series. The “subject” seems to be imprisoned within the painted surface. The surface seems to open out on a light source. This light source draws on the ground and body the contours of panels or bars of a prison window.
The same uncertainty lies upon the painted subjects tension. Is the tension triggered by a spiritual or a carnal ecstasy or caused by inflicted pain. It is to the viewer to decide and choose. A choice made even more difficult depending on the intensity of lighting of the exhibition space.
The colored panels associated to some pieces introduce new signs that could again be of religious, pagan or prison related origins.

Série : Viola's portrait
Series of 6 portraits inspired by a work of the American video artist and photographer Bill Viola entitled “Visitation”. Viola’s work was inspired by the work of Pontormo executed in 1528 and to be seen in the Camignano’s church near Florence (Italy).
Viola designs a series of 6 videographic self portraits imitating the different human facial expressions that can be seen on the XIVth century painting. In this “Revisitation”, Eric Kaiser closes the loop in using the imprinted video images as the model for his paintings. The palette and brushstrokes give the series a colorful childish enthousiasm while demonstrating a mastering of the execution of the different facial expressions.