Eric Kaiser, artiste peintre


Photo de Eric Kaiser Eric Kaiser Atelier 108, 9 rue des Sœurs Macarons, 54000 Nancy (F).
Works and lives in Nancy – -

Shows his works since the beginning of the year 2000’s. In parallel of a profession which allows him to travel the world, he develops an artistic production that he shows almost exclusively in the United States till the end of the 2000’s. He, then, decides to dedicate himself exclusively to painting and leaves Switzerland and the multinational firm he worked for to settle down in Nancy. He passes a Master in Art and Culture at the University of Lorraine, spends part of his time each year in Leipzig (D) to perfect his painting skills and creates with a group of artists a collective « Les Ateliers des Sœurs Macarons ». The Philippe Desforges Cultural center gave him the opportunity of a solo show in 2013. In 2014 he showed in the Nancy City’s Gallery, the production of a three months artistic residency he spent in the Leipzig Baumwolle Spiennerei’s Halle 14 contemporary art center. In 2015, he is selected to represent the City of Nancy at the exhibition « A tribute to Karlsruhe » and is work is shown at the PyeongChang Biennale in Korea. In 2016 his work was shown in Poland and Germany.

Solo shows
2000 "Main-nu-tension.". Lauréat du concours organisé par L’Arambar. Paris (F)
2005 "Prisoner of Light". Pi Gallery. Kansas City (USA)
2006 "We Know But...". Pi Gallery et W.T. Kemper-Kansas University. Kansas City (USA)
2007 "Shelters". Pi Gallery. Kansas City (USA)
2008 "Swiss Memories". Kunstraum am Hottingerplatz. Zürich (CH)
2009 "Under German Influence". Pi Gallery. Kansas City (USA)
2011 "...seules les images de la vie sont belles". Le Garage Moderne. Bordeaux (F)
2013 "Traces". Galerie Socles et Cimaises. MJC Desforges. Nancy (F)
2014 "Jeux d'hivers". Galerie Neuf. Nancy (F)

Group shows
2007 "12 inches". Pi Gallery. Kansas City (USA)
2008 "Declare yourself". Pi Gallery: Kansas City (USA)
2009 ArtEspace Galerie, Bruxelles (B)
2010 "De l'Art et des Macarons", Ouverture d'ateliers. Nancy (F)
2011 "L'Animal", Ouverture d'ateliers. Nancy (F)
2011 "Seule la dose fait le poison". Faculté de Pharmacie. Nancy (F)
2011 " Je pénétrai dans le jardin...". Galerie des Arches, IUFM Metz-Université de Lorraine (F)
2012 " Le mythe d’Europe". Ateliers des Sœurs Macarons. Nancy (F)
2012 "Le chien taureau". Maison de la Jeunesse et de la Culture Bazin. Nancy (F)
2013 "L'été de la Renaissance". Galerie Bora Baden. Nancy (F)
2014 "L'été de la Transparence". Galerie Bora Baden. Nancy (F)
2015 "Hommage à Karlsruhe". Regierungspräsidium, BBK, Karlsruhe (D)
2015 PyeongChang Biennale. Korea
2015 "Dialogues artistiques " mai de l’Europe, ateliers des Sœurs Macarons, Nancy (F)
2015 "Empreintes et supports ", Galerie 9, Nancy (F)
2015 "Ici et maintenant ", Galerie Delfiny, Vasovie (P)
2016 "Parentèle ", Musée régionale de Lublin (P)
2016 "Espoir et Utopie", Galerie 9, Nancy (F)
2016 "Teilnehmerausstellung der 19 Internationalen Dresdner Sommerakademie, Dresden (G)

2000/01 "Série Mains" Revue Triangul'ère n°2, éditions Christophe Gendron, Paris
2011 De L'Art et des Macarons, éditions Paroles de Lorrains, Longwy

Professional and Artistic Education
2000 Drawing courses. Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Paris (F)
2001-04 Painting courses. Ensba. Paris (F)
2009-13 Leipziger Sommerakademie (coaching : Hans Aichinger, Ulrike Dornis, Christine Ebersbach, Wolfram Ebersbach, Joerg Ernet, Madeleine Heublein, Yvette Kiessling, Katrin Kunert, Kathrin Landa, Henrik Pilvitz, Dirk Richter). Leipzig (D)
2012-14 Master in Art and Cultures. Université de Lorraine, Metz (F)

Artistic Residency
jan-mar 2014 with the support of Nancy city, Conseil Général 54 and the bank CIC in Halle 14, Spinnereistr. 7, Leipzig.

Artist statement
“I define myself as a painter/scenographer of ideas and feelings. I work on series that I assemble in a family spirit. The themes are derived from my emotional state of the moment. They carry me in the recesses of my heritage and allow me to interact with painters I admire. These themes are often related to the feeling of injustice or abandonment. They can thus characterize populations ostracized for their ethnic origin or sexual orientation. In re-presenting these situations I tend to exorcise my own fears. I take a step to the side to introduce a note of surrealist humour in my paintings or in their titles allowing me to bring the viewer to reconsider the represented issue".